Unexpected Love on Christmas Eve: A Second Chance Romance

Unexpected Love on Christmas Eve: A Second Chance Romance


Author: Emorie Cole

Can a cozy cabin at Christmastime and a little holiday magic reignite the affection for one another and bring two ex-lovers back together? Will passions erupt and make this a Christmas to remember or will the magic fail when a crazy stalker tries to tear them apart?

Sophie: I’ve been looking forward to a quiet, relaxing Christmas in my hometown for weeks. A good book, a warm fireplace, and a cozy cabin all to myself. Far away from the chaos of Chicago at Christmas. Too bad my plans for quiet and relaxation are ruined when I find out that the cabin has also been mistakenly rented to someone else...my ex-boyfriend. Now I have to spend my holiday sharing my vacation with him…AND his gorgeous chiseled abs. Just my luck.

Matt: I thought escaping to my hometown for Christmas would be a great way to avoid my crazy stalker. A cabin to myself and all of the holiday events I had enjoyed as a kid. I convince myself that spending the holidays alone really won’t be that bad. Imagine my surprise when my ex-girlfriend—the one who got away—walks into my rental cabin and makes me remember why I fell in love with her the first time. Her beauty makes my heart flutter every time I see her. Can I make things right during this Christmas coincidence and win her back? Or will my crazy stalker get in the way?

ISBN: 9781954271005

Publisher: Keweenaw Publishing LLC

Format: Paperback, ebook

Book Website: https://links.emorie-cole.com/d2070c

Categories: General Fiction,Romance

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