Sunshine Blues

Sunshine Blues

Author: Bob Calverley

1968. Sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll but the peace and love are dying along with Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy.Sunshine’s sixteen and needs to grow up. Fast.

Sure, they’re playing her songs on the radio and there’s money in her pocket. But she just found out she had black father. Oh yeah, she’s pregnant.

Boyfriend Jimmy’s flying on helicopter gunships in Vietnam. She avoids the TV news.

Good thing she doesn’t know what’s really happening to Jimmy. Or about the murderous Thai human trafficker lurking in the shadows who thinks he owns her.

The heart-pounding sequel to Purple Sunshine comes with more sex, more drugs and more rock ’n roll.
But the peace and love are dying.

ISBN: 979-8733615332
Publisher: Self Published
Format: Paperback & Ebook

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Category: Historical Fiction
Author: Bob Calverley

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