Church Lady Chronicles: Devilish Encounters

Church Lady Chronicles: Devilish Encounters


Author: Terri Martin

A collection of humorous short stories told by church lady, Miss Bea Righteous, a resident of the Gnarly Woods Senior Complex and elder of her church. In her unfaltering quest to deflect the nefarious deeds of the devil, Miss Righteous has an uncanny ability to create calamity, a situation for which she claims no culpability. The book is purely fiction, but then again, maybe not! Enjoy a chuckle or two, and perhaps even a good cathartic belly laugh, as Miss Righteous and the collection of zany characters in Church Lady Chronicles somehow always manage to make things worse.

"...Bea Righteous has a greater talent for sheer mass destruction in her purported desire to be helpful. (She) sees Satan just about everywhere and especially on those smartphones: 'They were all looking at their wicked phones, talking in them or running their fingers over them like they were actual LIVING THINGS.' When outraged, there is nothing Bea won't do to combat the Evil One. The stories are loosely connected, but each story tends to build on the elements of the earlier ones...I know there are probably lots more to come from Terri Martin, as sure as Satan is in your cellphone! "
Review by Victor R. Volkman for UP Book Review

ISBN: 978-1-7352043-0-7

Publisher: Gnarly Woods Publications

Format: Paperback

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Categories: Humor,Short Stories

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