Beyond My Dreams, An Immigrant’s Story

Beyond My Dreams, An Immigrant's Story

Author: Julie Dickerson

Vitalis VanRaemdonck grew up in Belgium poor, hungry and with no hope of being anything else. But his life changed when rumors spread of a way to get to America. Summoning the courage to overcome great obstacles, Vitalis sailed into New York harbor in 1907 with the promise of the American Dream and the hopes of work, citizenship, a chance to serve the county that welcomed him, and even land to own.

This is the story of many immigrants of this time period. They had courage, determination, a strong work ethic, and a fervent belief in the opportunities of this country. Those beliefs and traits buoyed them, and Vitalis, as they assimilated into a new culture. Many of these immigrants may be forgotten, but their stories should be remembered.

This book is a tribute to the undeniable spirit of the immigrants of the early 20th century and a thank-you for their contributions to the country they grew to love.

ISBN: 9781943290932
Publisher: Vrijheid Press
Format: Paperback & Ebook

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Categories: Biography & Autobiography,Local History

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