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This catalog lists books which were written by members of the Upper Peninsula Publisher’s & Author’s Association (UPPAA).  Any active member can submit their book data for the catalog at any time.  This includes any book you may have written, regardless of whether it concerns the U.P. or not.

High on the Vine , Featuring Yooper Entrepreneurs Tami & Evi Maki


Author: Terri Martin

This series of short stories feature thrice-removed cousins, Tami & Evi Maki, who often contemplate how their lives would be vastly different (certainly better), if only they did not bear the burden of their marriages to Toivo and Eino. Tami and Evi launch a hostile takeover of their husbands' hunting camp, which undergoes many entrepreneurial transformations, and ultimately becomes a winery operated by a group of misogynistic monks who turn out a product bearing the moniker of "Monk Juice." While the bottom line for Tami & Evi is always murky, the various ventures they pursue are even murkier.

ISBN: 978-1-7352043-2-1

Publisher: Gnarly Woods Publications

Format: Paperback

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Categories: General Fiction,Humor,Short Stories,Regional

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