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The Nomad Editor by Tyler Tichelaar

The Nomad Editor

The Nomad Editor
Living the Lifestyle You Want, Doing Work You Love<

by Tichelaar, Tyler R.
The Nomad Editor will give you the tools you need to put your language skills, degree, and imagination to work for you as a freelance editor. And because the self-publishing revolution continues to expand, editors are needed now more than ever.
ISBN: 978-0-9962400-6-2
Publisher: Marquette Fiction
6 x 9 – PB – 214 pages
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book cover Authors Access
30 Success Secrets for Authors and Publishers

by Tichelaar, Tyler R. / Volkman, Victor R. / Watson, Irene
Find out the hard-won success secrets on: Editing, Writing, Marketing, Amazon, Book Proposals, Web 2.0, Book Design, Freelancing, Book Reviews, Self-Publishing, Audio Books, Online Sales and more
ISBN: 9781932690989
Publisher: Modern History Press
7 x 9 – PB – 220 pages
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